born and raised

what i'm listening to today:

john mayer, gone western?

adam and i are long-time mayer fans. we try not to think too hard about his less than remarkable character and focus on his insane gifts as a song writer, guitarist, and vocalist. no album he's made has ever disappointed us. we saw him perform in charlottesville the first time ad ever came out. his mad guitar skills and his crazy amazing drummer (steve jordan) rocked our worlds.

his new album, born and raised, just came out. and he has really taken an interesting approach this time around. you know something's up when mayer comes out with an album that looks like this:



no worries, he hasn't gone darius rucker on us (any hootie fans out there?). it's still very john. but definitely with a little folkier sound. so far, i really like it. i respect so much how unique each of his albums is. refreshing for an artist who has something like eight of them.

what do you think? do you love mayer? hate him? don't care one way or the other?

have you listened to born and raised yet? would love to hear what you think!

ps, this, this, and this, are three of my favorite of his songs.


  1. i need to check it out - i haven't heard anything from it!

  2. Fun! Can't wait to check out his new stuff!



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