a mush of thoughts

every once in awhile i have a zillion random thoughts, none of which are worth a whole blog post. so i mush them all together and make a post of random thoughts. i always feel better afterwards. may i?

-does anyone else have miniature ants at your house? if not, you can have some of ours. they need a new home. before i kill them all.

-my sister and i have the most absurd text/email conversations. i always double and triple check that i am sending them to the right person before i push "go". even if i'm just replying to one of hers. is there someone in your life like this? i mean, where anything can be said and you won't be judged. and your conversations turn into a string of nonsense/tmi/ridiculousness? this also happens with ad...

-i was watching some of the raw footage from the flip-cams we were passing around during our wedding week. i caught our mothers (yes i'm talking to you beth and cindy) having a private toast to grandchildren at the rehearsal dinner. woah moms. why don't you toast to elise finding a job soon, deciding which state we want to live in, buying a home (eventually), traveling to new zealand, and several anniversaries first. then maybe in five years we'll toast to babies. :) it made me smile though. you'll be the best two grandmammas in the world!

-ad and i love this commercial. i'm not sure why but we chuckle every time we watch it. especially the end when they both peak through the window. they are just so cute building their little home together!! we still prefer home depot though.

-i want to see this tour but the closest they are coming to us is philadelphia! should we just do it? might just have to...

-i don't remember why i gave chocolate up for a year. can someone remind me? before i go eat every last ounce of it in our freezer?

-we are going strawberry picking this week. i plan to pick at least 5 pounds. i need some good recipes with strawberries. i'm making this yummiest pie ever (thanks adrienne!) and probably these cookies (thanks allyson!). any other favorite strawberry recipes? ad's favorite is shortcake. so there might be some of that going on to. i never want strawberry season to end!!

-last night was the season finale of the one show that ad and i watch. we'll be viewing it tonight. do any of you watch this show? it is amazing! but don't tell us what happens yet!

-our friends nikki and ray got engaged on saturday. they met in colorado (and both love it there). so he recreated the colorado mountains in her apartment. it was beautiful! can't wait for them to get to be married to each other!! n & r, marriage is just the best. so happy for you. 

got any random things clinking around in your mind? what are some of them? 

happy monday!

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